5 Aesthetically Pleasing & Inspiring Movies

As I grew up, my Dad’s studio was in our home. I got to have a Mom and a Dad that worked from home. Pretty cool. One thing I learned from my Dad, though I didn’t know I was learning it, was to have a cool movie on while you work. (just one of the advantages of working for yourself).

But make the movie count! It can’t be too distracting. It needs to be motivating. The colors and the sounds play into it too. This is something I started doing when in design school. While my crush was studied physics I got to watch a movie and do my “homework”. Now he’s my husband grading high school science papers and I’m writing this blog! Ha.

Here are my TOP 5 Go – To Movies! And the reasons I am obsessed with them!


#5 Breakfast at Tiffany’sEdith Head, OHHH I love her. not to mention Audrey. but Audrey would be nothing without Edith! (am I right or am i right)? Head’s costume design, coloring, and taste in all the movies she styles are touched with class and lines that are carried throughout time.

Maybe I’m inspired by my own memories. So much of this takes me back to some of my favorite memories in college. If anything go here, and you’ll realize you and YOUR KIDS know Edith all too well! Also, the music! Henry Mancini had it goin on.

disney-101-dalmatians-rogers-room#4 One Hundred & One Dalmatians

“..even my nose is froze”!

Again, a movie that inspires me musically and artistically. Cruella de Vil might be one of the scariest women I’ve ever seen.This is my favorite song from this movie. While you’re at it look up Mel Leven… Also, if I didn’t care what people think I might name my first born Pongo. But I think I’d need to be a celebrity to have the footing for that kind of a name for my child. Also, color schemes, line drawings, and composition is throughout this entire film. I could stare at one scene for quite some time depicting the details.

3368_1#3 The Secret of Kells

“I’ve seen suffering in the darkness. Yet I have seen beauty thrive in the most fragile of places. I have seen the book. The book that turned darkness into light.” This movie is inspiring for more than aesthetic reasons. The textures in this movie bring a movement to each scene. You could scan stills of this film for days and it would not cease to inspire me. I have watched this over and over and I never tire of it.

Sadly, I haven’t seen Song of the Sea yet, but I know that it will floor me as well. This Irish Animated film was nominated for an Oscar this year and I am sure it will not disappoint. 

mary_blair_peter_pan_poster#2 Peter Pan

The music. The scenery. The storyboards… An idol of mine, the legendary Mary Blair – she’s somethin’ else. Her work only inspires me. do you know why you love rifle paper co. so much? it’s be cause THEY LOVE Mary Blair! And so do you! You just don’t know it yet! Go Check her out.

f-fox#1 Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson & the Soundtrack This movie changed my life. Not sure what I mean by that. But I guess I mean that just by watching it I gleaned in small portion how to set a scene, take sketch to 3d with sound experiences. His choice of music was GENIUS. But the true genius is Alexandre Desplat. If you have yet to discover this man’s gifts, go here. I beg you! Also, My flower girls walked down to Kristofferson’s Theme. So my heart has a soft spot for this in more than one way. 🙂 Do you see the resemblance of Holly Golightly and Felicity Fox?

Click here to learn a little bit about Wes Anderson’s extensive and impressive process.


Hope you all enjoyed this! But most of all I hope this helps you a bit! Remember to look into the details of a film. Movies are created by HUNDREDS of amazingly talented and gifted people. One Pinterest post has been created, re-created, and then re-created again. Watch a movie and pick it apart. It’s a fun exercise, especially with popcorn.




Aw Shucks, This Sucks. A Short Story About Socks


So I took on a silly challenge. Sock Design.

But it was just for kicks.

Anyway, I titled this Aw, Shucks but not in the sheepish, “Aw gee shucks you shouldn’t have” kind of way. But in the “Aw, shucks, this sucks!” kind of way.

My husband works at a high school and has coached basketball and other sports over the years so we’ve seen the many trends and lives of socks.

So my husband put me up to the challenge, he said he wanted some socks that he could wear on game day, as he plays ball or just with some shorts. So, really late one night I made a design and sent it in and ordered some custom basketball crew socks.

Two weeks later they came in.

The 8*6*5 is much too large for my liking and is only on the front & sides. They still look pretty cool and if you didn’t know my original design you might think they were meant to be that way. But when I opened them, I thought, “aw shucks, this sucks, I probably shouldn’t have designed them when all I wanted to do was sleep”. However, these socks are really comfortable, I’m serious, I was surprised at the quality.

Either way! I’m selling them. If you live near me, you can contact me to get some personally or if you don’t, you can grab a pair in my shop.

Take Risks • Do Stuff For Fun • Show People When Things Don’t Turn Out Perfectly

Isn’t Dolly Parton the cutest puppy model you’ve ever seen?

Did you get my pun at the beginning?


Communicating the Beauty of God as a Graphic Designer – TGC

Communicating the Beauty of God as a Graphic Designer – TGC

Here’s a link ^ to a blog post written by a woman who shares with me the complications of being a  (church) graphic designer.

It’s well articulated and she wonderfully communicates the really cool things about getting to do design for the local church.

Here’s a pic of one of my designs I got to do for our church!




My First Textile!

My First Textile!

I’ve recently enjoyed playing with this lil critter character I created a month or so ago. Her name is Rainbow.

This is a cotton canvas that I ordered through http://www.spoonflower.com and I feel like it turned out super cute!
You can’t see in this pic, but there are some white dots in the back that give it a sweet feel.
I tried to do some muted/unexpected rainbow colors so it didn’t look too feminine, I think it leans more that way, but I’d love to end up doing gender neutral prints with it.

The fabric is pretty large and i’m pretty short so it looks somewhat Gigantic!

I’m trying to think of what to do with it. Do I sell it? Do I sew it? Keep it for table decor?
I have too many ideas. Let me know what you’ve got!

If you’d like to order some you can contact me via lisaclowdesign@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! Pin it/Share it – Comment with ideas. Do whatever you like.


Font Men: 2014 Seattle International Film Festival | SIFF

Feelin Geeky? This video has some cool and interesting insights into building fonts and the business behind it.
I love hearing people say “I never imagined I would be here.”
Phrases like that remind me to keep finishing my daily goals which will eventually help me accomplish my big dreams.
Cheesy… but true!

“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Prv 16:9